Support Team

Support teams have a varied experience and background. Some team members may have worked with people with learning disabilities in the past whilst others may be new to the field. Each member of staff is recognized for the unique contribution they make to the team; teamwork is fundamentally important to the success of the services.


Whilst SHARE acknowledges the skills and experience that some people can bring, it seeks out people with the right values and attitude. The training and on-going development that SHARE provides will make up for any skills gap.

The number of team members varies, depending on the size and nature of the service. There is usually a mixture of men and women from a wide age range. To maximize flexibility within the team, and to meet the individual needs of team members and those they support, a mixture of full and part-time posts works best. SHARE also employs a pool of relief staff to help with annual leave and sickness cover. This level of commitment may be more suited to those not seeking full-time employment.

Whatever an employee's role within SHARE, everyone enjoys the same opportunities, support, development and respect from the organization. Whilst working alongside experienced staff, new recruits will undergo an initial, comprehensive induction programme, to fully equip them all with the skills and confidence necessary to take on their roll. Continuous training and development will ensure that their skills and knowledge expand in line with the increasing needs and aspirations of those being supported. The support and development of team members is vital if SHARE is to achieve its objectives. To ensure this, all staff attend regular team meetings, as well as receiving regular individual supervision with their line manager.

 SHARE also supports an active Scottish Vocational Qualification training programme, leading to care and management qualifications. All staff can apply to join this, following the successful completion of an initial four-month probationary period.

SHARE recognizes that its most important resource is its staff. It is vital that team members are allowed to operate within a learning culture where evaluation, criticism, reflection and innovation are encouraged. SHARE believes that responsibility should be delegated, but only within a clear framework of support, training and monitoring, whilst being realistic about the expectations place on its staff. SHARE strives to provide a working and learning environment where staff are safe, healthy, motivated and given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and do the best job they can.