Mystery Shopper results - top marks to Share!

Share Scotland had a mystery shopper at a recent event.

At the Art of Living Lifestyle Show, which took place in the Arches in April this year, was a 'whole-life marketplace' for people with disabilities. There were over 50 stalls representing organisations that provide support, advice or services to disabled people, as well as a number of workshops throughout the day.  Pauline and Dougie manned the Share Scotland stall for the day, providing information to a wide range of people.

Unknown to stallholders, there were twelve mystery shoppers evaluating the event. They secretly visited the stands, taking note of how they were treated by the organisations' representatives.

Share Scotland's results are in!

We scored top marks in every single category, and had some lovely comments, such as "I felt they really took on everything that I said positively and with good pride," and "They spoke to me like they had a lot of time to give and they were extremely friendly."  Our overall comment was, "You are exactly the right person to be doing this work! You were friendly and approachable, you knew what the organisation had to offer, and you gave people the information they wanted, in a way they wanted it."

Needless to say, we're very chuffed!

You can download a copy of the report below:

Mystery Shopper Report