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A group of families campaigned for several years to have service provision in Rural West Edinburgh, so that their family members could live independently but still close to the rest of their families.

There was very little scope in the local area, however when they came to SHARE for help, we were able to get involved in a new build development in Kirkliston and set up a service where 5 young people could live in the same building, but in individual flats. It has been successful because they all knew each other previously and have been able to develop new interests whilst enjoying social time together as well.

One of the projects they are all involved in is their allotment, which they are all very passionate about.

The allotment is not far from the house and when it was first taken on, it had been badly neglected and needed a great deal of work. The whole team, including staff, pitched in to get it ready for planting and they also all got involved in fundraising for the materials and equipment needed. As they became more aware of the scale of the job, they applied to SKY for some assistance, and a huge team of their employees turned up for a whole day and completely transformed the allotment into a useable space.

You can watch a video of this transformation hereĀ 

Since then, the service users who live in Kirkliston have grown various different vegetables, fruit and herbs and from that they have made salads, jam, chutneys, soups and lots of other meals.
Often they go up to the allotment and spend the morning working on it and then enjoy a picnic lunch on the patio area, with salad they have grown themselves and always homemade soup heated up on their wee stove!

Kirkliston group shot

The allotment has been a great success and has taught the service users lots of new skills, allowed them to meet lots of new people who have shared interests in gardening along with developing teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.
There are many more things they could do in their allotment, but money is tight, and they need new equipment, a new shed and new patio furniture. If you would like to help with fundraising for this project, please email [protected email address]

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