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Our History

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We go way back – focusing on family and friendships since 1984.


1984 was the year of that first meeting – the meeting where SHARE Scotland was born. A group of parents, who each had children with complex disabilities, were worried about the long-term care options available to their children, who were due to leave school.
The idea of their children living in institutions was difficult to accept. And so they did what all parents would do, and took matters into their own hands. And SHARE Scotland was born.


After several years of lobbying, fundraising and campaigning, 1991 saw two specially-adapted houses being opened, each supporting five adults. This was a ground-breaking shift from the traditional, outmoded form of residential care in Scotland. Shortly afterwards a third house was opened.
And the rest is history.


The houses were just the first step. Now, many of the people we support have their own tenancies – either on their own or sharing with another person. But the rest isn’t just ‘history’ – we have our eyes set firmly on the future.
Those founding parents are still the beat in the heart of what we do. They make up our management committee and are now joined by more parents, who use the services of SHARE Scotland and who share their vision and ambition.
Here’s to the future.

  • Investors in people
  • Positive about disabled people