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As a parent-led organisation, family matters to us. And trust matters to us too. So meet our people, learn more about them.

At SHARE Scotland, we deliver individually tailor-made support services to people with disabilities. The people we support may have simple or complex support needs, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, autism, communication difficulties – and more.
As a parent-led organisation, we know what it takes. Everyone supported by SHARE Scotland has access to a fully trained and dedicated support team – whenever and wherever they need it.

"Honest, I don’t mind. It’s good, It’s good!” After being concerned that he wouldn’t settle in his new home, her son was now so content that he barely gave her a glance when she left after a visit, but rather than being insulted, she was reassured. “Now he is just a typical man who won’t get off his seat to say cheerio to his mum!"

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  • Investors in people
  • Positive about disabled people