Fundraising and Events

Fundraising and Events

Fundraising and events – lend us a helping hand so we can help improve the lives of others

Like all charities, we rely on energetic fundraisers just like you! Every year at SHARE Scotland, we run our own fundraising events that you can get involved in – from fitness-fanatic sporting events to daring adrenaline-junkie days. But we get just as excited – if not more – about the events organised by you! And we’re here to support you every step of the way. As a charity, we rely on the generosity of the public to provide the extra’s that make life that little bit more special. You can join team SHARE at a running event, or organise your own fundraiser. However you chose to support us, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to be as successful as possible.

Read more about how you can help and read our fundraising promise.

"Honest, I don’t mind. It’s good, It’s good!” After being concerned that he wouldn’t settle in his new home, her son was now so content that he barely gave her a glance when she left after a visit, but rather than being insulted, she was reassured. “Now he is just a typical man who won’t get off his seat to say cheerio to his mum!"

Our fundraising promise

As members of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), we are committed to raising money from the public honestly and properly. If you have any questions about fundraising or this code of conduct – we’d be happy to chat to you about it, just get in touch!

How you can help

We promise to be…

Committed to high standards
We do everything to make sure fundraisers, volunteers and contractors raise funds in a way that complies with the codes and this promise. We comply with the law including data protection, health and safety and the environment regulations.
Learn more (PDF 96.79kB)
Honest and open
We tell the truth and we don’t exaggerate. We do what we say we are going to do – and we answer all reasonable questions about our fundraising activities and costs. Got a question? Get in touch or feel free to view our annual reports.
We respect the rights, dignities and privacy of our supporters and beneficiaries. We’ll never put pressure on you to make a gift and if you don’t want to give, wish to stop giving, or don’t wish to be contacted in a certain way, we’ll respect your decision.
Fair and reasonable
We take care not to use any images or words that cause unjustifiable distress or offence. And we’ll always do our absolute best to make sure we don’t cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption
If you’re unhappy with anything we've done whilst fundraising, you can make a complaint in accordance with our complaints procedure – a copy of which is available on request. If we can’t resolve your complaint, we accept the authority of the FRSB to make a final adjudication. Find out more about the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB).
We will ensure that you have all the materials, equipment and support you need to make your fundraising successful, and will make sure you have sufficient information about SHARE to speak about us with authority.
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